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Streamfeeder designs, manufactures, and provides automated feeding solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries.

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Streamfeeder makes an intelligent, high-speed series of feeders to provide powerful, yet remarkably simple, automated feeding and collating solutions. Inkjet Feeders, envelope feeders, mail feeders, caton feeders, bagging systems, wrappers, and hundreds of other applications can all have maximized speed and productivity thanks to the Streamfeeder line of products.

Value Series

The Value Series is a dependable friction feeder for mail inserters, inkjet printers and labelers, offset presses, digital duplicators, shrink wrappers, and many other applications.

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Collator Systems

No matter what you’re collating application may be, you can be confident that a Streamfeeder collator will meet and exceed your expectations. We offer remarkably flexible and efficient collator platforms that provide a comprehensive foundation for the wide variety of basic system functions required in packaging, mailing, and print finishing applications. This is an innovative approach that sets a new standard of simplicity of integration, setup, and operation.
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The QuickWrap™ polybag wrapping system is the ideal solution for wrapping magazines, mailing publications, brochures, catalogs, books and more. QuickWrap is great for shorter jobs that are not cost effective to run on large wrapping, bagging or inserting systems.

When it comes to packaging and material handling, the QuickWrap PolyBagging system is a solid line of products, and makes great use of Streamfeeder’s already popular system.  Their friction feeders ensure long lasting durability, and profit generating capabilities.

Innovative servo motor technology enables you to singulate and dispense the widest range of material types and sizes. Its modular design allows the Converge 900 and 1200 friction feeders to be integrated with a variety of systems. And, most importantly, the Converge 900 and 1200 are easy to learn and simple to operate, helping you increase productivity and reduce cost.

Among envelope feeders and other mail feeders, Steamfeeder is one of the most respected manufacturers… and for good reason.  They’ve continuously dedicated their resources to developing superior products that are easy to use, last long, need little maintenance, and are versatile enough to fit hundreds of applications.

Whether you need an inkjet feeder or something more specialized (like product inserters), the Streamfeeder product line probably has exactly the perfect piece of equipment for your job.

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