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Equipment for the Print, Direct Mail & Fulfillment Industries

Whatever industry you’re in, or whatever paper products you process, we have the right solutions to automate your processes and to improve your overall efficiency.

The XTREME XM-1 is designed to be an affordable productivity enhancing solution. Dependable and consistent product separation provides dependability in 24/7 operations. The robust design provides years of service and even maintenance, when required is fast and simple to perform thus maximizing your up-time and productivity. Simplified controls make the XTREME XM-1 easy to use and operate.
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Superior Collation Systems are customized to fit the needs of our customers. We design and integrate our systems with flexibility and expandability in mind. Our customers need to be assured that the system we put together for them will adapt to the ever-changing applications that come through their production and fulfillment areas. Combined with Xtreme Versatile Feeding Solutions and our exclusive PLC based SmartControl, Superior Collation Systems are dependable, easy to operate, and most importantly, profitable. Simple push button operation makes it easy for even the novice of operators.
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