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Ameritek Tabbers - Jet1 Mail Tabbing Machine

Introducing The Tabber To End All Tabbers - The Ameritek Jet-1 Mail Tabbing Machine (AKA The Secap Jet-1 Tabber)

This tabbing machine Will Help You Meet All Tabbing, Labeling, and Stamp Affixing Needs!

jet1 tabberThe Jet-1 Mail Tabbing Machine is easy to set up and operate in-line or off-line.  It's a truly versatile piece of mailing equipment, made to fit in with other mail equipment from any other manufacturer. Its superb design and engineering combined with Secap's first-class support insures your company years of reliable production.  When it comes to tabber machines and other tabbing equipment, Secap does everything to win you over.

With the Ameritek Jet-1 Mail Tabbing Machine, you can:

  • Upgrade to wide format in a matter of minutes.
  • Tab, label, seal or affix up to 30,000 pieces per hour.
  • Handle a wide variety of media (from card stock to booklets).
  • Work in-line with inkjet addressing machines easily.
  • Support all U.S.P.S. formats... and offer your clients a WIDE range of services!


Click Here for the Jet1 Tabber Brochure!


Dual Tabber Sheet v2


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