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SureFeed On Demand Feeders

surefeed addRegardless of the application, SureFeed's wide range of feeders can help make sure your customers' projects are completed easily and on time.


Add A Station AddAStation150

Inserter Feeder for Z=Folds and Other Difficult to Feed Material

Add-a-Station feeders easily add the ability to feed letters, z-fold, c-fold, half, engineering, double parallel and gate materials.  Quickly turn your six station inserter into a seven, eight or nine station.  Set-up simply by clamping the new feeder onto your existing inserter's front table and begin inserting!


replace a station replacestation150

Inserter Pocket Feeder for Z-Folds and Other Difficult to feed Material.

Use the Replace-a-Station feeder in one of your swing-arm inserter stations to add the same great features as the Add-a-Station.