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Near-Infrared Dryers - Fannon Near-IR Inkjet Dryers

Fannon Near-Infrared Dryers Help You Save Money Every Time They're Used!fannon nir 500

Near-IR dryers are based on a cost effective, high output inkjet dryer system designed for mail equipment and other production inkjet setups. This new breed of near-infrared dryers offers greater productivity with reduced operating costs compared to traditional infrared drying systems.

The near-infrared sensation revolves around the fact that black water-based ink will absorb certain lengths of energy faster than other wavelengths.  So as the product passes beneath the near-IR dryer, more energy goes to drying the ink, and less is absorbed by the product itself.  Thus, less energy is wasted, and the a larger variety of products can be printed on (including certain heat-sensitive materials).  It also means that the printed product will curl less, and can move at a higher speed.

In other words, you can run your mailing equipment faster (higher productivity) and use less energy to dry (energy cost savings).  It's a win-win for any one using direct mail equipment.

  • Faster Line Speeds
  • Higher Energy Wave Lengths
  • Lower Electrical Consumption Over IR
  • Lower Belt &Machine Temps.

9720 Watt NIR

Drying Area: 4.25" x 16"
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 40.5 Amps

6480 Watt NIR

Drying Area: 4.25" x 10"
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 27 Amps

2400 Watt NIR

Drying Area: 3" x 6"
Voltage: 240V, 1-Phase
Current: 10 Amps