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Straight-Shooter Friction Feeders

Straight Shooter - TB 005

Straight Shooter Feeders easily handle a wide range of media types and sizes, from business cards to wide catalogs. Straight Shooter’s unique features make feeding difficult media a breeze, including:

Stuffed envelopes

Open ended booklets




Plastic cards or tags


Even CDs!

buckleseparation_newBuckle Separation Technology™ eliminates the high friction “nip” point common on other feeders. It allows for smooth feeding without the jams, plus increases the belt and separator lives! Nip points cause jams and peel back the top layers of multi-layered media, but not with the Straight Shooter! Our exclusive Buckle Separation Technology™ separates without pressure and allows for a variation of thickness in feeding the media, even within the same stack!



C-12 Picture_150

Continuous Feeding For Inkjets, Tabbers, etc...

New lower profile makes for easier transitions into your machine!
Completely tool-less setup!

  • Unique single knob paper guide adjustments for moving guides side to side and up over the belts! No need to remove the guides to reposition them between belts!
  • New simplified drive train for longer component life !
  • Clean, uncluttered, simple design for easy set up!


Straight Shooter - TB 005_150

Also For Continuous But With More Features !

From Straight Shooter, the company that brought real innovation to friction feeding comes the all new R-14 high speed friction feeder! The versatile R-14 comes with all the features our feeders are known for, including:



For Integration with Timed Machinery such as Poly Baggers, Inserters, or other Packaging Lines

Straight Shooter’s D-12 demand feeder with our unique adjustable angle acceleration table gives you quality, versatility and STRAIGHT FEEDING, all at a great price!



Inserter Pocket Feeder for Z-Folds and Other Difficult to feed Material.

Straight Shooter feeders are known for feeding hard-to-handle materials, like magnets, plastic bags, folded mail, stapled booklets and more. Now you can have those capabilities for your swing-arm inserter!

Traditional vacuum operated inserter feeders don’t handle many of today’s challenging inserts very well. Open ended pieces, pieces that vary in thickness, and thin paper are difficult at best. Not with the P-9! Simply slide the P-9 into position in one of your inserter hoppers and you have a better inserter for on your hands! Don’t waste time hand stuffing or fighting vacuum feeders. Let the P-9 handle it!