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Rosback 3-Knife Trimmers - Rebuilt

x knife 2Rosback has been a STAPLE of the printing industry since 1965. Rosback works FLAWLESSLY as 3-Knife Trimmers, using SCISSOR action knives for a crisp, clean cut. Many clients have asked what machine year they will be getting out of our large collection of units, because they want a “newer” model. All wearable parts are replaced, bushings and bearings are fully inspected.

Included timed feeders that plug right into your Rosback. We also offer machines capable of cycling inline with your existing digital equipment, or other bindery lines.  Trim just the face, do a 3-side Trim or we can even show you how to cut just the top or bottom off your product. Custom wiring available, interlocks, and single phase versions.