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Flexmail with USPS Sort

Flexmail USPS Mail Processing software is a comprehensive Cloud based solution for your mail sorting needs. It includes all the features you've come to expect with your sorting software for one license fee. It also offers an optional "pay as you go" feature, so that you only have to pay for lists when you are ready to process.

Flex Systems' new USPS™ Mail processing module allows for comprehensive address quality and mail processing features. The module gives you access to services such as CASS, NCOA, DSF2, Presort and more, enabling you to generate the highest possible discounts through the USPS™.

  • CASS Certified™ for address correction Standardize abbreviations and address formats to USPS™ guidelines, correct the spelling of streets and cities and verify deliverability, includes DPV®, LACSLink® and SuiteLink™ processing. Add missing postal data including nine-digit ZIP® codes, eLOT® and carrier route numbers, delivery points and more.
  • Move Update service Process lists against the limited 18-month or full 48-month NCOALink data set. NCOALink processing meets USPS™ Move Update requirements for First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail® discounts.
  • Dedupe Check for duplicates within your file. Optionally, you can check your addresses against nationally compiled lists for 'Do Not Mail', Prison and Deceased suppression.
  • PAVE™ certified postal presorting Sort address lists for the lowest possible postal rates and generate all required USPS™ documentation, reports and postage statements. The service includes support for First-Class Mail® and Standard Mail®.

FlexMail's additional features to design Permit Imprints, generate and print Postnet, Code128 and IM Barcodes, and the usage of postal design templates, make FlexMail a complete solution for USPS™ Mail processing.

The Industry's First Blended Mailing Solution: Part application, part SaaS

Flex Systems' USPS™ Mail processing module is powered by TEC Mailing Solutions, the leader in enterprise grade SaaS for address hygiene and presort solutions. The back-end CASS and Presort engines are the most robust in the industry, powered by SAP®. The services are delivered on-demand, through the cloud. Processing takes place in real time, while you wait.

The services can be accessed through FlexMail without having to install additional software and data files on your computer. The interface to the service is completely integrated in FlexMail, creating a hybrid system that takes advantage of hosted functionality without sacrificing the usability of client side applications. Constantly changing postal requirements and software updates are no longer burdensome to the end users, reducing the cost of ownership.

  • No software to load, No licensing to buy!
  • No updates to install, always up-to-date.
  • No special hardware required.

Download Flexmail USPS™ Mail Processing Brochure

**Use and Pay only what you need

An annual subscription for the USPS™ module can be purchased for an additional fee, or used as needed, pay-as-you-go; further enhancing the value of these features to you by allowing you to only use – and pay - what you need. This also brings the USPS discounts within reach of small or infrequent mailers.

  • Low 'Pay-as-you-go' pricing for occasional users.
  • Cost effective annual subscriptions for frequent users.
  • No Add-on's. Dedupe, Palletization, and Mail.dat included.