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BCC Mailing Software

After many years of loyal support from Addresser Based Systems and other dealers throughout the U.S., BCC has opted to take over the customers that we brought them and have opted deal directly with end-users. We regret these unethical business tactics on the part of BCC. Please feel free to contact us if you are in need of a more cost-effective solution for your mailing software needs.

BCC MOVE Mailing Software

BCC MOVE update software and presorting software is more than just a powerful tool at a reasonable price. BCC has a 30-year history of growth and unbeatable customer satisfaction. Their success derives from an ironclad commitment to ongoing mailing list management technology and its development—a commitment shared by BÖWE BELL + HOWELL, their parent company. Their “How Can We Help?” spirit influences every aspect of their work. As a result, their software is created solely to answer your specific needs.

At Addresser Based Systems, we realize that implementing new software technology isn’t always a clear-cut procedure. That’s why our staff and technicians are fully trained on the MOVE update procedures, postal regulation software, and mail list management software.While the manufacturer offers a great resource for general technical help, we can give you a personalized support approach.

We regularly use address management software in the mailing equipment we provide, and can help you integrate it with your current system. Call us now to learn more or use the contact us page to send us an email.

Full Service

A Comprehensive Solution for Top-Tier Mailers.

BCC’s Mail Manager Full Service™ is designed to meet the needs of premier-level mailers: high-volume operations requiring maximum flexibility in a powerful, all-in-one solution.

Mail Manager Full Service includes as standard features a comprehensive array of BCC mailing innovations—from deluxe automation capabilities that enable true 24/7 unattended processing of specified tasks or complete mailing jobs, to full palletization support, enhanced merge/purge functionality and much more. These features are further augmented by a proprietary address-matching API that delivers processing speeds many times faster than the industry-standard address matching engines.


Mail Manager 2010

Unbeatable presorting and list management with unrivaled economy and value.

Mail Manager 2010 slices through ever-changing USPS® red tape to provide dependable mail processing performance. It easily adapts to changes in your business and in the industry itself. It also always delivers optimal mailing efficiency and economy.

With end-to-end mail-processing features (presorting, address standardization, de- duping and more), USPS CASS™ and PAVE™ certified Mail Manager 2010 handles mailing jobs with push-button simplicity, and helps professional mailers provide an unsurpassed portfolio of mailing services to a wide range of clients.


Mail Manager 2010 LE

Mail Manager 2010 LE™ is the leading choice of small and occasional mailers for professional-quality presorting software power at a price even a sole proprietor can afford. This entry-level postal software solution allows you to presort mail jobs quickly and easily, within a user-friendly interface that doesn’t require an advanced degree to use.

It can pay for itself in record time, too, thanks to the built-in economy made possible by encoding your jobs against the USPS® ZIP + 4® database — updated six times each year with every Mail Manager 2010 LE subscription.