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thor1lg1200Mailcrafters Swing-Arm Mail Inserters Are Built With The Operators In Mind... 

Easy setup, Easy Running, Easy Maintenance!

Established in 1968, Inscerco Mfg. Inc. has a proven track record for its MAILCRAFTERS inserting machines and systems products. Their reputation spanning over 30 years is predicated upon a sincere concern for customers. With a wide range of envelope inserters available, they make some of the the most advanced mail equipment on the market today... without forsaking the original, solid technology that had made this manufacturer popular in the first place!

Pro-Mailer 6.0 Mail Inserterpromail6 01

The Pro-Mailer 6.0 is a new line of gripper-arm style mail inserter, made for office environments.  With the option of 2 or 4 stations, this envelope inserter was specially developed to offer simplicity, without skimping on quality and durability.

This inserting machine allows lower volume markets to get top production quality. This market segment (traditionally the target of tabletop and low volume solution manufacturers) now has an alternative. You can choose a full-frame, small footprint floor console inserting machine, offered at a competitive price.

This new line of inserters competes very favorably on an economic level yet does not compromise the full features generally associated only in heavy-duty production shop models.

Edge Series 9800/9800L Mail Inserterinserter

The Edge Series 9800 & 9800L mail inserter is the rugged workhorse of the mailing industry. It is universally known as 'the best production value for the busy mail center and/or office environment'. Engineered for reliable and long lasting service, the 9800 envelope inserter, has been in production for over 30 years (receiving periodic updates as time went on).

The Edge Series 9800 It will automatically collate, stuff, seal and stack envelopes or pass them through an in-line postage meter to yield a finished mailing ready for bundling... what every inserting machine ought to do.

The basis of its smooth, high-speed operation is the parallel or conjugated cam. Mailcrafter's gripper arm detection system guards against missed or double inserts and is regarded as the most reliable in the industry. Document selection and separation from the insert stations is by vacuum control which gives 9800/9800L folder inserters a high degree of consistency and reliability for all types of paper media.


Edge Series 1200/1200X Mail Inserter

edge 1200 1 1

The Edge Series 1200 & 1200X is a state of the art inserting machine that has earned the reputation as the best large envelope inserter in the mailing equipment industry. The 1200/1200X envelope inserter handles sizes from 4 by 7.5 inches up to 10" by 14", making it the most flexible mail inserter in the marketplace.

Designed for reliable and long lasting service, the 1200/1200X inserting machine, receiving periodic enhancements, has been in production for over 30 years. It will automatically collate, stuff, seal and stack finished envelopes... without jams, without breaks, without problems.

When it comes to the need for stable, hardworking direct mail equipment, Mailcrafters delivers!

Thor Mail Procssing System thor1sm

One of the best intelligent inserters on the market, The Thor Mail Processing System gives you a unique combination of in-line reading, gathering, folding, and inserting capabilities.  This allows for a rapid, efficient, and secure method of starting and completing your production mail tasks with a minimum amount of labor and a maximum amount of confidence.

Thor's ability to read Optical Marks and/or Bar Codes enhances the system's flexibility.  You can now maximize your standard technologies in the pursuit of document matching and integrity. Such intelligent inserters open you to new markets and fresh clients.

The standard Thor Folder Inserter comes complete with a proven in-line reading, gathering, and folding module, combined with the exemplary "Edge or Edge II Series" MailCrafter Envelope Inserter. The front end component comes standard with Optical Mark reading capability.

With over 30 years of expertise in the production mail systems business, Inscerco Mfg. has always manufactured the MailCrafters product with a fervent desire to maintain and enhance their reputation of quality craftsmanship, leading edge market vision, and operator friendliness, creating an unparalleled world of happy and loyal direct mail equipment customers.