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Infrared Dryers - Walco IR Dryers

240D 300Walco IR Inkjet Drying Systems - High Speed Infrared Inkjet Dryers

Walco infrared dryers are high quality, full-fram systems, offering popular features and options.  Both the 240D Inkjet Dryer and the 350D Inkjet dryer are compact, inline systems, made to do an incredible amount of work at high production speeds.

Walco IR Dryers have upstream product detection sensors, to make sure less energy is wasted, and more money is saved.  It's the Energy Smart way to dry ink.  And it also ensures that your infrared dryer will last longer, because the components only work when they're needed.

Triple Safety Interlocks With Operator E-Stop

  • Center Table Vaucuum
  • Adjustable Heat Belts
  • Integrated Temperature Control
  • Speed Following

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At Addresser Based Systems, we work hard to make sure you have the technology and equipment you need to run your business smoothly and profitable.  We've been in the mailing equipment industry since 1962, and we make it a point to choose mail equipment manufacturers who deliver great products.  Glance through our used direct mail equipment to see if we have any used infrared heaters currently available.

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