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fp 4000 500Fannon Manufactures Infrared Dryers With a Unique Inkjet Heater System That Wastes Less Energy

Fannon Products, LLC has been manufacturing quality infrared heaters and dryers for mailing equipment since 1954. Their primary business at first was in the automotive industry, drying automotive paints. But in the past few years, they worked with the larger direct mailing equipment manufacturers on developing an affordable, more efficient, inkjet dryer.

Today, users such as Harte-Hanks, Vertis, Quad Graphics, USA Direct, Japs-Olson and many others are realizing the savings and increased profits by operating Fannon InkJet heaters.

All Fannon “LightSpeed” infrared dryers utilize their patented, energy efficient, “Goldenrod” infrared lamps. Our infrared lamps incorporate a 24K gold reflector that directs and focuses virtually 100% of the infrared energy where it is needed--at the paper. Fannon IR Dryers work at high speeds for a low cost.  Their unique lamps (found nowhere else in the mail equipment industry) allow the ink dry efficiently, so that less energy is being wasted, and more money stays in your company's pocket.

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