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Inkjet Addressing - Xijet Inkjet Address Printers

Versatile - Easy To Use - Integrates Seemlessly - Flawless High Speed Print

Postmark Inkjet Addressing Equipment Makes It Easy To Add Capabilities To Your Current System!

Postmark's inkjet addressing equipment is helping printers and mailers overcome all kinds of boundaries!  From small printshops to giant mailers, Postmark gives companies the ability to print variable data in almost ANY situation!  They've continued to keep their equipment and their software on the cutting edge, and have made it possible to update everything from the printheads themselves to the computers that run them, without spending tens of thousands of dollars to stay current.

Postmark's Xijet Powered Lexmark / Funai Inkjet Addressing System

lex xijet

The XiJet Lexmark is an inkjet imaging solution that offers the simplicity of a cartridge based print head with the performance, speeds, and drying abilities that are normally associated with much higher priced commercial systems.


 Postmark's Xijet Powered HP / NP45 Inkjet Addressing System

hp xijet

Postmark's NP45 inkjet system, featuring the latest Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) technology from HP is simple to use, easy to maintain and sets the standard for print quality and operational performance in the inkjet addressing industry.


 Postmark's Full Color 1170 High Speed Inkjet Addressing System


The 1170 offers Full Color inkjet imaging with 11.7” of seamless coverage.