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Inkjet Addressing - XiJet Lexmark Inkjet Addressing Systems

xijet walco 300XiJet Lexmark Inkjet Addressing System

The Next Generation of Inkjet Imaging

The XiJet Lexmark is an inkjet imaging solution that offers the simplicity of a cartridge based print head with the performance, speeds, and drying abilities that are normally associated with much higher priced commercial systems. 

Maintain great print quality at up to TWICE as fast as other cartridge-based inkjet systems!

XiJet inkjets come with simple-to-use,
intuitive, WYSIWYG software.

composer 300jpg

Easily setup and print:

  • Addresses
  • Postal, 2D, and other Linear Barcodes
  • Static or Variable Messages in all True-Type Fonts
  • Bitmaps
Systems can be configured with new, state-of-the-art vacuum transports,
or integrate the XiJet Lexmark inkjets with existing transport bases or continuous web devices.

  lex kirk 300      lex bus 300     


XiJet Lexmark Brochure