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Inkjet Addressing - Konica Minolta Full-Color Inkjet System

CP282 run aFull Color Inkjet System - Cut Sheet or Continuous Form 

Full Color Printing has revolutionized the digital market; even more so because of the ability to print high speed variable color. The problem is that most full color digital printers can only print on flat sheets. Konica Minolta has developed a commercial inkjet print head that will print on a wide variety of material and will allow you to bring the “Full Color Variable” revolution to a variety of other media.

cut web

Cut Sheet or "non-continuous" Product 

Full Color High Speed Inkjet
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The advantage of full color inkjet printing is the fact that we can print variable full color information on uneven or thick product.  So the color revolution can be transferred to other media.  Examples might include:

  • Printing Logos on promotional products such as Coffee Cup sleeves.  This type of product is made of corrugated cardboard.
  • Printing an entire mail piece (address, logo, and additional copy) in a single pass
  • Printing on boxes or bottles as part of a packaging line

Why print hundreds or thousands of “static” products when you can personalize each product that goes to a customer or a market segment?    Konica Minolta Printing technology can print crisp, full color graphics and data on a large variety of product.  Our UV ink will print on a large variety of material, including plastics and coated material.  And the cost per image is MUCH LESS than toner and cartridge based alternatives.  There is no “click” charge, and the consumables cost is pennies per thousand.


Variable Print on Web or Continuous Form 

Full Color High Speed Inkjet 

web 1 combined

In addition to printing on uneven products, full color inkjet printing is ideally suited for continuous or web applications. Traditionally, flexographic presses have been used to print variable information on narrow web product, such as labels, film, and tickets. Users have paid large sums to add small inkjet printheads for spot colors or variable data on this product. But with the Konica Minolta, you can print the entire web with full color and with variable throughout. Or you can print static information for short run work. Once again, the UV Ink allows us to adhere to difficult material, including films and poly material.  

web 3 300