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UV Inkjet Addressing - DPI Hawk M6 UV Inkjet Printer

DPI M6The DPI Hawk M6 UV Inkjet Addressing System 


The Hawk M6 Printer, manufactured by Digital Print, Inc., is the newest generation of UV Inkjet Systems.  It offers many enhanced features over previous models and many advantages that are unique to the M6 mode. 

The M6 uses a 4.25” Kyocera Printhead, which allows you to address mail running in Landscape orientation (or sideways) for speeds in excess of 50,000 pph.  

The 30 Khz print head, can print at up to 500 fpm, at a resolution of 300x600 dpi.  It offers the added feature of a 450 DPI resolution, allowing for a combination of quality & speed that is not offered by many competitors.

DPI M6 2Dry On Virtually Any Paper Coating:  UV Cured ink will dry on glossy paper coatings, and even plastic.

Low Ink Costs:  Print for a fraction of the cost of most competitors.  And if you are currently using a cartridge based system, you’ll find the DPI can pay for itself in ink savings alone.  

Consistently high speeds:  The Ink cures at the same rate, regardless of paper coating.  So you can rely on consistent speeds, across all of your jobs. 

Speeds in excess of 50,000 per hour:  In landscape mode, the DPI Hawk M6 can run in excess of 50,000 pieces per hour, based on a 5.5x8.5 document.

LED Curing Saves Energy:  Simplified LED Curing uses less energy than infrared dryers, and does not require venting.  

Head Close UPSimplified Maintenance:  Many systems use complex ink delivery systems, that pump ink through several feet of tubing.  This requires filters, couplings, and precise pumps, and they are all failure points in terms of maintenance.  The M6 simplifies this operation, by placing all ink components in a simple control box, mounted on a pedestal at the back of your transport base.  The ink pathway is short, and all tubing and filters are easily accessible, allowing operators to perform preventive maintenance.

The Hawk M6 has a docking cap to protect the printhead when not in use, and a Maintenance Mode, to ensure the printhead is fully functional when you begin use at the beginning of a shift. 

The Hawk 600V UV inkjet head can be mounted on your current inkjet transport base, or can be provided as a complete turnkey system. Hawk uses modular parts, which means you can replace most components without an on-site technician, with phone support only from our technical support staff!