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system ws editBuskro Inkjet Addressing and High-Capacity Variable Printing Systems

Buskro's high resolution inkjet addressing printing systems are sharp enough to satisfy 100% of postal regulations and even the most scrutinizing customers.

When it comes to Mail Equipment, Buskro has gone to great lengths to address both your current and future needs.  You can combine the 660 DPI printing capabilities from cartridge based inkjet address printers with their line of high speed tabbing and feeding equipment to create a complete in-line solution for most jobs... a mail equipment system that delivers speed, quality, and customer satisfaction.

You can also use Buskro inkjet addressing equipment inline or offline as standalones. The versatile powersupplies and controllers will tie in with almost any existing system, so you won't have to worry about replacing all of your mail equipment at once, and you won't stay married to one manufacturer.

*NEW 2500 or 5100 Series Printhead Information

2500ph 300

apolloApollo HP Inkjet Addressing System:

Whether you need a full inkjet addressing system (Feeder, Printer, Output Conveyor) or just a new inkjet address printer to have mounted on your current transport, the Buskro Apollo is the best HP based inkjet addressing system available. The Apollo printheads are available in 1”, 2”, 3”, or 4” sizes, and the BK 700 controller is capable of running any configuration of heads up to 8”.

The great thing about Buskro mail equipment it this: when your needs change over time, you always have the option of simply upgrading rather than purchasing a whole new inkjet addressing system. You can add the Atlas print technology at any time and then run HP and Atlas simultaneously. No other inkjet address printer on the market has this kind of ability to grow add options as you grow and need options.

Buskro Atom Inkjet

The Self Contained Atom Inkjet Head Offers Simplicity and Reliability:

  • Buskro’s Atom printers are completely self-Contained
  • These Portable Print heads can be mounted on any transport base.

atomThe Atom is a portable printhead that can be mounted on an existing transport base, or purchased as part of a new systems. Each Atom Printhead offers 2.55” of vertical print space. And Atom inkjet heads can be used with either UV Curable inks or water based ink.

For volume Mail addressing or package coding, you will find that the Atom is much more cost effective than cartridge based inkjet systems, due to significantly lower ink costs. But unlike other commercial printheads, the Buskro Atom offers a lower initial purchase price, and simpler maintenance requirements.

All ink delivery components are inside the printhead mounting itself, and are easily accessible for operator maintenance. And while traditional systems pumped ink through several feet of tubing, the ink supply for the Atom only has to travel several inches before it reaches the printhead.

Software Interface: Combined with Buskro’s powerful COMPOSE Software interface, you will find that the Atom offers more value than anything in this price-range. For added flexibility, the Atom can also receive data from other controllers, vision systems, scanners, or other devices capable of serial communication.

Inks: UV Inks are cured with an LED Curing Light, allowing you to dry on virtually any paper substrate

Water based Ink is inexpensive, and can dry with an traditional Infrared Dryer. The water based ink has the added benefit of being VERY BLACK in appearance.

Buskro Quantum Inkjet

quantumLike the Atom, the Quantum has a simple, Self-Contained ink delivery system, and can be mounted on virtually any type of transport base.  And Like the Atom, the Buskro Quantum can use both UV Curable Inks and Water based inks.

But the Quantum offers the added benefit of 4.25” of seamless printing.  This type of print space is ideal for printing large graphics, and it also allows increased speeds, because inkjet addresses can be turned sideways, running in landscape mode.  This allows you  to address at speeds in excess of 30,000 pph.  

Technical Features:

The Quantum features an all-encompassing print system that fully integrates the electronics, ink management, and print module sub-systems into the body of the printer making it an industry leader in portability and flexibility. Variable drops as small as 3pl coupled with a 600X1200 DPI output capability makes the Quantum ideal for smaller, more intricate and precise print applications while its 4.25” print swath yields a wide print breadth resulting in crisp, even print for the most generous of images.


The Quantum offers a choice between Buskro’s water-based Seurat ink, ideal for printing dark images on porous materials and Bosch UV curable ink for adherence to a wide and challenging range of substrates. These inks, supplied in self-sealing bottles, conveniently and simply connect into an onboard ink management system for efficient delivery into the print arrays, making the ink change operation clean and simple.