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Bolt On Units

Inkjet Address Printer Upgrade kits or "Bolt-on" Inkjet Envelope Printers

Upgrade your older high-speed inkjet mail printer, by installing a new print system on your existing transport base.

What is a Bolt-on Inkjet? It's an inkjet envelope printing system that can be added to your existing transport base, to replace an older system that is obsolete. An off-line commercial inkjet printer is made up of the printing system itself & the conveyor system that transports your media under the print heads. The conveyor/transports can last for many years, but inkjet address printers become obsolete much more quickly. So why not extend the life of your original investment by adding new print heads and a new software interface?

A new mail printer interface will also allow you to utilize newer PC technology, current versions of Windows, provide a USB connection, etc.

bolton2  bolton1  bolton3 
Existing Kirk Rudy transport base which can last for many years. One of our "bolt on" inkjet printers, which can bring new life to your system. The finished product: a modern inkjet mailroom printer on an older transport.


Bolt-on inkjet address printer kits can include:

HP technology from XiJet and Inc.Jet : This has become one of the dominant commercial inkjet printers in the mailing and coding market. It also offers a low price-point with many available inks in a cartridge format. bolton4 HP Printheads on Videojet Base

XiJet Lexmark Technology from XiJet: Offers all the benefits of a cartridge-based inkjet system with the added benefit of higher print quality and much faster speeds. Print addresses at speeds of 25,000 per hour! bolton5 Lexmark Printheads on Walco base

Buskro Atom: The Atom was developed as a commercial inkjet alternative to cartridge address printers, allowing you to use aggressive inks, and spend less on consumables. Choose between solvent or UV ink technology, with ink costs that are significantly lower than cartridge based technology.

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bolton6 Buskro Printheads

Even UV Printheads Can Be Mounted On Your Old Base!

The DPI M6 and the Buskro Quantum printheads can be bolted onto just about any machine.  This gives you the ability to print on almost any material.  As long as there is room for the printhead and the curing lamp, you can turn an old conveying system into a UV printer!

DPI M6 2 UV Printheads


We can upgrade systems from many manufacturers, including:

  • Videojet Wide Array, Videojet PrintPro, or Videojet BX
  • Kirk Rudy Winkjet, Kirk Rudy Wavejet, and Kirk Rudy Netjet
  • MCS Wide Array and MCS Falcon, and MCS Eagle
  • Buskro Atlas, Buskro Apollo
  • Secap Jet 1, Secap QuikJet
  • Rena XPS

Xijet on Secap