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Sure Feed Inkjet Feeders

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Sure Feed - A Trusted Inkjet Feeder

In The Mailing Equipment Industry

Sure-Feed has gone to extreme lengths to ensure that their products deliver.  From mailing equipment to other packaging industries, Sure-Feed manufactures a trouble-free continuous feeder, designed to quickly and easily set up and to continue running without constant adjustment and realignment.

Regardless of the application, Sure Feed's wide range of feeders can help make sure your customers' projects are completed easily and on time.


FeedMAX 150

High Capacity Continuous Feeding for Inkjet Printers, Tabbers, Etc…

The FeedMAX is a perfect belt-fed friction feeder, perfect for feeding magazines, self-mailers, postcards, and other types of products. The FeedMAX Series has all the characteristics of a high end Sure-Feed continuous feeder which includes:

  • Patented Dynamic Rotation Technology, 
  • "The Shaker" plate 
  • heavy duty 1/4" thick powder coated side frames
  • Product guides
  • Remote stop
  • External run interface and variable speed control

The adjustable autoloader portion of the FeedMAX mail feeder comes standard with the 6' autoloader (9' optional), product guides, variable speed and casters and an independent power switch.


inkjet 150

Continuous Friction Feeder for Inkjet Printers, Tabbers, Etc…

The InkJet Feeder Series features a belt system that is specially formulated to reduce glazing and improve feeding grip. The SE Models come standard with the patented Dynamic Rotation Technology. Each envelope feeder / mail feeder comes with heavy duty 1/4” thick powder coated side frames, small product guides and variable speed control.