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Envelope Address Printers - Secap Inkjet Addressing


- Upgrades for Secap Jet 1 Inkjets -

Secap Envelope Address Printers - Print Your List To Any Stock For a Minimal Price!

Secap envelope address printers will improve your addressing needs by providing a personalized look to your mailings.  Print your list directly onto envelopes, postcards, selfmailers, and other mail pieces. Improve your mailing efficiency while reducing your costs with Secap tabletop envelope address printers!

At Addresser Based Systems, we try to supply our customers with both high end and low volume mailing equipment.  We have everything from the smallest tabletop units to the largest inkjet addressing systems made.  Your mail equipment needs are our chief concerns.

Secap SA5000Secap sa5000

The newly redesigned SA5000 high speed envelope address printer and imager provides fast and professional results from a compact, desktop system. Getting your mail addressed and into the mailstream has never been easier when using the SA5000. Use spot color and a message line to help your mail stand out and get noticed!

The compact footprint of the SA5000 envelope address printer makes it perfect for use in any office, mailroom or print environment.

26kSecap 26K

Stepping up to the 26K envelope address printer is a great way to increase the capacity of your mailing operations. The innovative split head configuration of the 26K allows the printing of address, barcode, message line, return address, logo and indicia all in one pass! Utilizing spot color enhances your mail for better results. And, using USPS barcodes help save on postage expenses as well as improves delivery and response time.

The 26K provides reliable, high performance and high quality inkjet addressing to get you ahead with class thus enhancing your mailing efforts.


Designed for high speed and performance, the SA5300 envelope address printer provides fast and accurate high quality printing and imaging. It addresses up to 30,000 pieces per hour with 3” of print using 2 (1 1/2" print heads) and 8 print quality options from draft light to executive.

Simple to set up and run, this desktop system provides professional results for in-house inkjet addressing operations.


The Secap SA5300 PRO envelope address printer takes productivity to new levels with its high capacity friction feeder for superior media handling.

Designed for high speed and performance (without the cost of a full, in-line mailing equipment system), the SA5300 PRO provides professional printing and imaging from a compact footprint. Address up to 30,000 pieces per hour with a 3” print area and handle media up to ½”