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Envelope Address Printers - Postmark RapidColor 1170 Color Printer

Introducing the Postmark 1170 RapidColor Envelope Address Printer:

And not just an envelope printer- think outside the box or print On the box!

myThe 1170 offers Full Color inkjet imaging with 11.7” of seamless coverage.

The System can print on a wide variety of products and thicknesses.

Use the 1170 as an envelope press, or print on promotional items such as paper bags, coasters, boxes or coffee sleeves.

Best of all, the 1170 uses a PROVEN HP Print Engine, with enhancements that allow users to print on cut sheet and uneven material.

The Postmark CMYK 1170 can be added to an existing commercial transport base, or delivered in the compact table-top model AP1170, with integrated feeder


Key Features include:

High quality of up to 1200x1200 DPI

mobileSpeeds of up to 98 fpm. This is equivalent to 6800 #10 envelopes per hour (or 9,000 per hour if the envelopes are turned for landscape mode

WIDE COVERAGE: 11.7” of seamless coverage, so enough for a 10x13 envelope and other larger products

FULL BLEEDS: Our APS transport conveyor has a bleed channel for the excess ink, allowing us to deliver full bleeds

Simple Software Interface: The 1170 uses a standard Windows Driver. We can print directly from a PDF or from the software program of your choice. If you need color matching software, it is available as an option.

Low Cost of Consumables: The ink costs are MUCH lower than color toner based printers, and competitive with other Full Color inkjet Systems.

Minimal Cleaning Cycles Required: Many CMYK Inkjet printers require a cleaning cycle every 50-200 pieces. This is because of lines in the image, caused by ink drying in the nozzles. Our ink formulation requires minimal cleaning cycles. Can you imagine having to wait for a 2 minute cleaning cycle every 50 documents? This is not an issue with the 1170.

Color Fast Water Proof Ink: The 1170 CMYK Ink is Pigment based, as opposed to dye or water-based inks. This is important, because pigmented inks WILL NOT degrade or dissolve when it comes in contact with water. If your mail is being delivered in the rain, the color images will not wash off your envelope. More importantly, promotional items, such as drink coasters or paper bags, etc. will not be damaged by water. Pigmented ink also dries faster than water or dye inks

postmark cmyk1

Print on envelopes, boxes, drink coasters, paper bags, labels, coffee sleeves and MUCH More.

(The image on this box was printed with the 1170)

postmark cmyk5 postmark cmyk6 postmark cmyk7