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The Straight Shooter SA-5

SA 5 Straight Shooter1Straight Shooter SA-5 Card Attaching System

The Straight Shooter SA-5 is an economical Card Attaching feeder to add to your existing tip-on machine, or to integrate as part of a completely new system. It's small footprint allows you to place it on other Card Attachers, such as the Pitney Bowes - Surefeed AT-2, or a GaVehren, DataCard or a Kirk Rudy. This allows you turn your "single card" Tip on System into a Card Attaching System that can apply multiple cards.

Benefits include:

  • Servo Drive for precise placement.
  • PLC Control that is simple to use for feeder set-up.
  • The ability to apply TWO CARDS to a carrier. One can be placed immediately beneath the other.
  • Small footprint allows it to be placed on an existing Tip-On unit.
  • Available in 5" wide format, or a 12 wide format.

SA-12 Straight Shooter rawThe heart of any card attaching system is the card feeder. It must precisely drop a card in exactly the same location on each carrier, as it travels beneath the card feeder. So a complete system essentially consists of a Transport Base and Feeder, a glue system, and the card feeder. The glue system will drop a "dot" of glue on the carrier, and the SA-5 Feeder will place the card on each carrier in a precise location.

Addresser Based Systems can provide a complete Attaching System, which includes the Straight Shooter SA series, a transport base, glue system, and plow folding device.

To learn more about the Straight Shooter SA-5 Card Attaching System, Click Here! 

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