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Equipment for the Print, Direct Mail & Fulfillment Industries

Our return policy is simple:

We’ll send you the products you purchase.

If it’s damaged when you receive it, call us for an RMA number within 20 days (1-800-398-5786) and we’ll replace it.

For orders $1000.00 or less, we guarantee that you may return all unopened items purchased at within 20 days of the original delivery. Please call (1-800-398-5786) for RMA number, we will not accept any returns without RMA number. For orders over $1000.00, in most cases we will accept returns within 20 days of the original delivery, please call (1-800-398-5786) so we can authorize a return and issue an RMA number, we will not accept any returns without RMA number. We will pay the return shipping costs if the product arrived defective or if the return is a result of our error, and you notified us within 20-days of receiving the product.. If the item is returned for any other reason you are responsible for the return shipping amount. In order to receive credit, your item(s) must be returned within 10-days of the time we issue you an RMA number. We will issue a credit to your credit card, apply a credit to your house charge account OR send you a check within 3 weeks of receiving the returned item along with RMA number.

Ship authorized returns to the following address:


Addresser Based Systems

Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

For other questions regarding our return policy please contact us at 800-398-5786.

All supply orders at are processed within one business day. In-stock items ordered before 1:00 PM on business days are shipped that day, while in-stock items ordered after 1:00 PM may be shipped that same day OR or the following day. If your item(s) may not ship within two business days we will notify you via email.

For questions, call 800-398-5786 or send email using the Contact Us form.

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