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The Ameritek T-1000 Tabbing Machine (AKA The Secap T-2000 Tabber) -- A Small But Powerful Solution To Tabber Integration

The table in the picture here is an available accessory for this (and other) tabbing equipment. It will match up to just about any inkjet addressing equipment. This table allows you to easily slide the tabber back and forth for easy job change over! The Ameritek T-1000 is a small, inexpensive piece of mail equipment. But that doesn’t make it any less effective as a high volume production machine. It will fit inline with your Buskro, Lseries, or AddresserJet machines and keep up with production at up to 20,000 pieces per hour for single tabs. (see the specs below for more than one tab). This tabber is a solid piece of mailing equipment… one we’d recommend for a wide variety of applications. Call us now to schedule a demonstration.

Ameritek T-1000 Tabber Machine Specs:

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