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The ACCUFAST ET Mail Tabbing Machine is the Next Generation of Table Top Tabber



The Accufast ET tabletop mail tabber machine is designed to handle everything a mailer throws at it, from edge tabbing or top tabbing of self mailers to the specialty tabs needed to meet booklet requirements. Different formats are selected with the twist of a knob and tabs are automatically placed per the USPS specifications.

When it comes to mail equipment, table tops generally fall short of a mailroom’s requirements. Either they aren’t precise enough, they won’t handle different stocks, or they just aren’t made to do what a mailer really needs them to do. Here is one big exception to the rule. The Accufast ET Tabber is really just a low volume version of the larger tabbing equipment. It will do what any mailer needs it to do. Despite its small size, this machine delivers big. Accufast is all about making mailing equipment more affordable and easy to use, and this machine fits into their philosophy perfectly. The Accufast ET Tabber is simple to use and more versatile than any tabbing machine in its class.
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