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Collins Reliable H Funai (Lexmark) Disposable Cartridge

Reliable H (TWK-2080H-FCT) is a dye-based ink that displays a dark image on coated stocks and dries extremely quickly. The heads-up technology allows the cartridge to start up after extended periods of down time without wiping or purging, therefore requi

Reliable H (TWK-2080H-FCT) is a dye based ink that displays a dark image on coated and porous material. This cartridge can be started after extended periods of down-time, without wiping or purging. It is designed for use in the XiJet Lexmark Inkjet, and is also sold as compatible ink for the Mail Right System 7, Lexmark Addressing inks, and can be used as Walco Ink for many inkjet addressing units integrated by Walco Systems

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