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Handle material only once and improve your productivity by using the 350INC to connect different height equipment. The optional bump turn will rotate products 90 degrees from their infeed orientation for tabbing, inkjeting or labeling. The 350INC is capable of turning a wider range of material sizes and thicknesses.


Introducing the next progression of feeders for a new era. The Evolution series feeders are engineered to easily feed a wide variety of products therefore eliminating the high costs of purchasing both a shuttle and friction feeder. Operators will appreciate the new innovative design which allows for quick and easy setup. Quality components will insure customer satisfaction.

Right Angle

The AddresserJET – Right Angle is a universal registration table giving you the ability to easily change product orientation in-line. The Right Angle easily integrates with just about any production line.


The 240BT Bump Turn unit provides a simple, low-cost solution to your in-line bump turning needs. This system easily integrates into any production line offering a 90° turn at either a left or right orientation to a wide range of material sizes and thicknesses.
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