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We have a Wide Range of New, Rebuilt, and Good Condition Mail Inserters Available

A remanufactured envelope inserter from Addresser Based Systems will run AS FAST and AS RELIABLE as a brand new inserting machine, at a 40% or more savings! And we can update swingarm technology (like used Bell & Howel Mailstar 500’s or used Bell & Howell Mailstar 400’s) to deliver read/print solutions and read/verify technology! We can fit used Flowmaster Inserters with barcode scanners or even character recognition cameras to read/verify/print or any number of things.

We can integrate used inserters into your current lines, or supply them with everything needed to stand on their own. This enables small printers and mailers to take on more advanced jobs, giving you a wider share of clients, without having to outsource the work!

Instead of paying top dollar for a new mail inserter, purchase a remanufactured, rebuilt or good condition used inserter from ABS, and only pay a fraction of the price!

Call us today at 800-398-5786 to discuss availability and prices.

The Evolution Flowmaster Solution

New AND improved electronics and controls! Most of the old controls and wiring are removed and replaced, along with a new PLC interface.

This Electronics/Controls program is engineered by the OEM that designed original controls for earlier generation Flowmaster Inserters. The goal is to simply service and operation, allowing you to self-maintain your machine. The reliability of a PLC is second to none, and if a PLC should fail in 10-15 years, you can replace it and load a back-up copy of your software to a newer unit.

Some available PLC Features & Benefits With Upgraded Unit can include:

Station Back-up: This feature will allow you to place “like” media in more than one feed station. If the primary feeder runs out of material or jams, the secondary downstream feeder will replace the missing media. This action will continue until the operator clears up the issue. This feature will substantially increase overall speed and production.

One Shot: A valuable set-up feature, that greatly reduces jamming. One-shot allows you to fine-tune during set-up, by staging the media in each feeder before your run begins. This allows you to ensure smooth running operation, once your job begins.

Batching: Allows you to group a predetermined number of pieces at the end of your conveyor.

Cascade: Designate any feeder as a primary document feeder. If the primary document is not present when it is expected, none of the downstream feeders or outer envelope will feed. This ensures document integrity.

Remote HMI: Allows management access and navigate the HMI Screen and menus, without interrupting operations. Need to know the status of a run or speed of your production during the night shift? Why not do so from the comfort of your office, with your smartphone, tablet, or PC?

Other Options: Servo Drive Upgrades: Eliminate the expenses and down-time associated with the clutch/brake replacement and the need for the front-table to drive collator section.

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