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Security and verification are integral to processing ballots through the mail. Addresser Based Systems offers several equipment options for processing mail-in ballots.

Using camera verification equipment, we can ensure that the correct documents match the corresponding ballot. Our equipment can also verify that all these documents were inserted in the correct envelope and the correct identifying information is printed on the outside of the envelope (in a single process).

Often, there is a need to ensure that multiple fields of data match each other throughout a document and on two sides of a finished envelope. This can be accomplished through our sophisticated verification software, AND we can compare the final result to a voter database. Any envelope or ballot related document that fails the process will be diverted so that it can be re-worked at a later time.

Addresser Based Systems offers complete “start to finish” solutions, that include the envelope inserter with verification and variable printing in-line. We also offer “off-line” solutions that allow you to perform an inspection of finished envelopes, by reading unique identifiers through windows on the envelope.

Our Mail-In ballot verification and processing equipment can be customized to meet the specific requirements of a state, county, or region.

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Here is an example of an off-line verification system, which can read voter information on the input, print corresponding variable data, and verify upon output. The divert section, will discard any “failed” documents for rework at a later time. If the feeder is removed, it can also run in-line with an envelope inserting system.
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