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Inkjets for Label Printing, Flexo, & Web

Inkjets for Label Printing, Flexo, & Web

Mounts on web to print labels, barcodes, text, forms, graphics, packaging, etc.,.


hawkInkjets for Label Printing, Flexo, & Web

If you’ve thought about adding variable inkjet print to your web,  we have just the solution! Digital Print Inc. offers inkjets systems that fit perfectly on your web, and can print from 2.5” to 17” wide across the width of your web…You can print variable barcodes, text, graphics, and alpha numeric with up to 600 dpi clarity! Ideal for printers of labels, forms, gaming, packaging, promotions, direct mail, pharma packaging, and many other types of media. Digital Print Inkjets can also be mounted on offline vacuum transports for any printing or direct mail application.  Digital Print Inc. inkjets can:

  • 2.5” to 17+ inches of print across the web
  • Print barcodes, text, graphics, and alpha numeric with 600 dpi clarity
  • Modular components easily field-replaceable by your operator
  • Duplex print capability
  • Print on coated or non-coated stocks
  • Expand to wider print area in future
  • Moveable to other presses as needed
  • Features QPress Software for easy-to-use layout and setup

Digital Label Press (DLP)BK Label Press1

Variable Data, High Speed/High Quality Inkjet Label Printing System

The Buskro DLP125-M is a fully integrated, servo driven digital label press which combines Buskro’s proven inkjet and control software capabilities with over 40 years of mechanical and material handling experience to create a simple yet powerful variable

Portable, Precise, Proven Technology

The DLP125-M is designed to accommodate labels up to 125mm wide with a maximum roll diameter of 482mm on a standard 76mm core, Operating at speeds up to 60m/min. Incorporating all elements. It incorporates all elements of a digital production label printing system in a compact integrated package with user-friendly job management through simple touchpad web controls and intuitive Compose software making it perfect for production runs of all sizes. All critical elements from the precise servo-driven web drive system to the variable print control and piezo inkjet printing engine have been engineered to provide an efficient, fast, and reliable print solution intended for late-stage, near-line label personalization.

Inkjet Printing 

The DLP125-M comes equipped with a fully integrated Quantum 4260 printer which seamlessly integrates on the printing platform of the label press and includes a convenient automated maintenance and park station to deliver optimal print reliability and performance. The Quantum print unit provides a 4.25” (108mm) vertical print swath and produces high-speed, high-quality label images at resolutions up to 600 x 1200 DPI. The DLP125-M can achieve printing speeds of up to 70,000 – 2” (76mm) labels per hour and with UV-curable and Security inks can print on the majority of common label substrates. 

Compose Software

Buskro’s established industry leading Compose IQ Software provides powerful system controls and data manipulation elements, while its user-friendly interface delivers intuitive tools for fast and easy list importation, job preparation, job storage, production audit reporting and system archiving with real-time information being generated during system operations. Add on cameras or other reading devices for more sophisticated matching operations, verification and preparation of audit files.

BK Label Press2 BK label press3


colormax picColorMaxLP Digital Color Label Printer


Produce short run to medium run labels, in vibrant full color for a very low cost. The ColorMaxLP can produce labels in rolls, or individual labels. It can also print on Gloss, and Semi-gloss label-stock, and is suitable for use with beverages, as well as dry goods.

The ColorMaxLP has full bleed capability. It runs at speeds of 60 feet per minute, at a resolution of 1600x1600.

colormax samples ColormaxLP rewinder

Please click below for detailed specifications.

ColorMaxLP Brochure