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We Have a Wide Range of New and Used Mail Inserters Available

A remanufactured envelope inserter from Addresser Based Systems will run AS FAST and AS RELIABLE as a brand new inserting machine, at a 40% or more savings!

What’s the difference between a “remanufactured” inserter and a reconditioned or used inserter? A used inserter may be cleaned up and worn parts replaced, but it usually has the original wiring, motors, vacuum pumps, bearings, and other moving parts. Typically, a used inserting machine is not updated and you could easily end up inheriting someone else’s problems. A remanufactured mail inserter is the equivalent of a new inserter on an older frame.


inserterOur mail equipment remanufacturing process includes the following: 

  • Old inserter is stripped, sand blasted, and repainted
  • All bearings and bushings are replaced
  • Complete Re-Wiring to current specifications
  • Clutch is installed in envelope turn-over
  • 4 to 1 gripper arm detection
  • New water system for sealing device
  • Motors and vacuum pumps replaced as needed

Instead of paying top dollar for a new mail inserter, purchase a remanufactured inserter from ABS, get everything listed above, and only pay a fraction of the price!  We've been in the direct mail equipment industry for years, and we know how to treat our customers.  The warranties for our used mail equipment gets the same priority as new mailing equipment--that means low maintenance and fast response times for service calls.

Call us today at 800-398-5786 to discuss availability and prices.