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Direct Mailing Equipment In Illinois

Direct Mailing Equipment In Illinois

Illinois, a state rich with historical significance, agricultural and industrial contributions, and financial buzz.  It's major city, Chicago, is considered one of the 'melting pots' in the US, as immigrants from all over the world have gathered there from the earliest settlement days and, together, helped build the city... which has a metropolitan area now spilling over into Indiana and Wisconsin.

Illinois exports include everything from soy beans and dairy products to coal and electricity.  This makes Illinois an important crossroads for the entire country. Even during the Civil War, Illinois was considered a strategic asset, because of the amount of supplies flowing through it (not to mention the huge number of union troops coming from the state.)

The state of Illinois ranks 5th in population in the United States.  The most populous city in Illinois, by far, is Chicago.  Obviously, a huge center for the mailing industry and a hot spot for direct mail equipment dealers.  But Chicago is by no means the only place in Chicago... and Addresser Based Systems has been serving the entire state of Illinois for years.  From the Wisonsin border all the way to Kentucky on the southern side, Addresser Based Systems can help keep your mailing operation running smoothly no matter where you are in Illinois.

Below is a list of the cities we service in Illinois:

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