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It’s a proven fact that Personalized Direct Mail gets better results than generic mail and part of this personalized product includes a personalized name on the outside of an envelope, which matches personalized documents on the inside. Or it might include an address that matches the name on a personalized gift card inside of a folded self-mailer.

Many mailers will try to ensure that their personalized documents match each other by printing both the documents and the envelopes in advance, and using a simple Camera Matching System to inspect the documents as they run through inserting or tip-on equipment. But with each added match there is room for error, because the system doesn’t print in response to what it reads—it only ensures that the documents match the envelopes, and can’t change the order of the already printed addresses. You also spend time re-ordering documents that may have been stacked incorrectly or fallen out of sequence after an inserter jam

Buskro Read & Print with Buhrs Inserter

You can avoid this pitfall by using a ‘Read and Print’ Inserter. With Read and Print (or a Read Write Inserter), you read personalized information from a document in the inserter pocket with a camera, and then print the corresponding address with an inkjet as the envelope exits the inserter. With this type of Mail Matching, you will not have to address your envelopes in advance, so it does not matter if your personalized documents are in order. This saves the labor of printing the envelopes in advance, and it saves the labor associated with re-ordering documents that are out of sequence with each other. Mail matching (or document matching—such technology is used in many different applications and not exclusively to match mail) allows you to run your equipment at full production speeds. If a document is jammed, there is no work needed to re-order the stack because the document matching system reorders it for you.

Our Camera Matching Systems and Inkjet Addressing Systems, use a sophisticated yet easy to setup and use tracking system to ensure that the correct matching address is printed on the outside of each envelope; Even if there’s a jam or the operator removes the document during operation, our tracking system will ensure the correct address is printed.

This type of system has been referred to both as a Read Write inserter and as a Read and Print Inserter. But the end result is the same, and it can be retrofitted to many existing envelope inserters or purchased with new equipment.

Read-Write with Mailcrafters Inserter
Lake Image Read & Print with Bell & Howell Inserter
Lake Image Read & Print with Mailcrafters Inserter
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