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Inkjets for Label Printing, Flexo, & Web

Mounts on web to print labels, barcodes, text, forms, graphics, packaging, etc.,.


hawkInkjets for Label Printing, Flexo, & Web

If you’ve thought about adding variable inkjet print to your web,  we have just the solution! Digital Print Inc. offers inkjets systems that fit perfectly on your web, and can print from 2.5” to 17” wide across the width of your web…You can print variable barcodes, text, graphics, and alpha numeric with up to 600 dpi clarity! Ideal for printers of labels, forms, gaming, packaging, promotions, direct mail, pharma packaging, and many other types of media. Digital Print Inkjets can also be mounted on offline vacuum transports for any printing or direct mail application.  Digital Print Inc. inkjets can:

  • 2.5” to 17+ inches of print across the web
  • Print barcodes, text, graphics, and alpha numeric with 600 dpi clarity
  • Modular components easily field-replaceable by your operator
  • Duplex print capability
  • Print on coated or non-coated stocks
  • Expand to wider print area in future
  • Moveable to other presses as needed
  • Features QPress Software for easy-to-use layout and setup