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The Walco Plow Folding System

The Walco Plow Folding System can be purchased with one or two plow rails, for folding pre-scored documents. An extra wide center vacuum belt is included to allow additional stability of your product during the folding application. The Plow Fold can be purchased to run in-line with Card Attaching or Tip-on equipment. It can also run in-line with other inkjet addressing or imaging equipment. A variety of friction or vacuum feeders can also be included for off-line use. 

Valco Melton Glue System for sealing documents.

The Walco Plow Fold system can also accommodate a glue system for sealing. We recommend the Valco Melton D-4e, with high speed electronic valves. See the brochure below for additional specifications for the Valco Melton Glue system. It can be incorporated into a wide variety of bindery and direct mail marketing applications.

Click Here for Valco Melton Brochure

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